Friday, 20 March 2015


Plot synopsis
Someone is responsible for the deaths of several Greek demi -gods- Athena sends 3 misfits to investigate.

A daughter of Hermes
Helena is the owner of winged sandals, courtesy of her father Hermes. She’s is a bit of a klutz and scares easily, so she doesn’t go into battle if she can avoid it. Her best friend is the strong one Elaina, who lived next door to her all her life. She was a little distraught when Athena sent them to investigate separate murders, and misses her friend.

The daughter of Hercules
Elaina is a teenager-young, rash and lots to learn. She was also summoned by Athena. She inherited her father’s super strength, and his recklessness. She is always the first into battle. She was sent to a hidden underground city, the path to which was littered with all sorts of maladies.

The Swordsman
The son of an unknown Greek god, he is an orphan. Perus is the oldest of the 3, gifted with agility, an aptitude for strategic planning, and is a natural born swordsman. He had to be-ever since he was little; there were many attempts on his life, which he survived by adapting quickly. He was surprised when Athena finds him, hands him a magic sword and sends him on a quest.

The Egyptian
One of the Egyptian demigods, he is allegedly responsible for the deaths of 3 Greeks. The Egyptian prefers to slice his enemies to bits. He shares an interesting connection to Perus.

the villian

the terrible three- working title